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Show your support for The Pirate Bay, fly the flag at half mast!

Honestly, when I woke up (really early, at like 9:45am D:) I was just expecting to study for my final in ooooh less than 3 hours but I found this all over my internets in the form of Tweets (it's #spectrial if you want to follow the tag), blog posts and opinion articles. While the larger charge got thrown out due to the prosecution's own stupidity, it's just sad to realize how politicized this has all become. I mean, The Pirate Bay is not doing anything illegal under Swedish law, so they had to resort to American RIAA's "interpretation" of US copyright law to pin these guys with a very loose "infringement" verdict? Hell, if it's taken seriously, they could go after Google and Yahoo! if they so desired. Of course the guys are appealing but that opens up a process that will take years.

And while I know no one in Moscow, I really wish I were there to show my support at The Street Pirate Party at Pushkin Square.
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Have a great new year full of luck and $$$!

Our tree!

Dec. 27th, 2008 07:25 pm
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This year's Christmas tree, as brought to you via my mother's iPhone:


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This week, I have been very disappointed by Ottawa.

Someone tell me, who's been sneaking doses of crazy in everyone's coffee up on the Hill?
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So my mom is flying in to Montréal around midnight tonight from Memphis, TN! She e-mailed me last week saying how she was going to be in the airport and why doesn't she just take a flight to me instead of flying home? Sure enough, she's coming up and renting a car so we can go shopping at IKEA (yay!!) and hang out.

However, I failed to notice that I have 2 papers to write while she's here. D: Though one got pushed back to the 5th of December (at the same time as a final so I have to turn it in the day before), it's still a bit of a terrible oversight on my part. <_< Before she comes, I need to clean my entire apartment and do as much laundry as I possibly can. Oh dear.


Oct. 29th, 2008 09:54 am
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Oh gods oh gods oh gods it's snowing. It's been snowing since last night.

I'M NOT READYYYYYYYY! I don't even have winter boots yet! Even worse, I WIPED OUT ON ICE ALREADY. My left knee smarts, and it's all because somehow on this ramp near Burnside there was snow that just randomly built up and got frozen and pointy and evil. ;_; I don't usually wipe out walking until February! I DO NOT APPROVE!

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High point of my day? A guy came up to me while I was sitting outside the Cyberthèque in Redpath Library this afternoon and said how awesome my Roslin/Adama '08 sticker on my laptop was. :D BSG fans = best.

Speaking of BSG, SEASON 4.5 NEEDS TO START RIGHT NOW. I'm done with waiting. ;_;

That being said, I need to get back to writing up a succinct history of Somalia and Ethiopia. Somali pirates flinging dead babies, here I come. Man I can't wait for McMUN!
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Canada dropped from F1 Calendar

What was arguably the most exciting race of the F1 season has been dropped from the 2009 race calendar in favour of more 'circuits' (aka yawnfests) because those bring in more $$$$. No matter that the spectators and events in Montréal were amazing and that the races there were known to be a 'wall for champions,' bringing the drama and exciting unexpected outcomes which make for a TRUE race.

One could argue that it could partly be due to the lack of proper maintenance of the track here, and for that I blame Montréal's laziness and Québec's terrible track record for road maintenance...which also applies to circuit tracks. Honestly, in the end I thought the corner of the track breaking up in this past summer's race proved for some serious excitement.

But let's look at what we're getting in exchange. Abu Dhabi?! Yet another street race that's probably going to be a dull processional? There are now three races in the Middle East and only for the reason that they have way more money that the FIA bigwigs want. Now there are NO races in North America (not a single one! What about true F1 fans here huh?!) which is complete bull! There aren't nearly that many F1 fans out in the Middle East, whoever attends those are just rich oil bastards that go just to look cool!

If it's so 'awkward' for drivers to go to North America for "just one race" then using that logic they should drop the Australia and Brazil races too. Bernie Ecclestone, you're ruining the spirit of F1 and tossing aside your most loyal fans for the sake of padding your retirement funds. Take your Singapore, Spa, Valencia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and shove it up your wrinkled midget ass.
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Tea 'healthier' drink than water

This is for all those people that kept telling me to drink more water and less tea because it was "bad for me" or that "water is better for you." I drink my 3-4 cups of tea a day and LOVE IT suckers, far more than I'll ever like water. Water = bleh Tea = <3

*cuddles her box of Super Ceylon Earl Grey tea*
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While this is not [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar's requested post of Harper v. Layton in a wrestling match (WHO WOULD PREVAIL??!?!?!?), I find this equally as amusing and possibly disturbing.

Quebec Tory candidate is Opus Dei member

Did you know that Opus Dei has their national headquarters in Montreal? I wonder if they can duke it out with the Church of Scientology here...
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Warning to the masses: I have signed up for Twitter.

That's right, I have a bloody Twitter because after months of thinking it was stupid and pointless, I needed to check out first-hand what the fuss was about. Also, will potentially be a good source of time-wasting texts (because more is always better).

Feel free to "follow" me or whatever.

P.S. Listening to Metallica's new album thanks to that overeager French fan. It's ace!
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This thread on the SomethingAwful forums has managed to rekindle the love and adoration I have for the people of the intarwebs.

For the past 5 hours I've been giggling endlessly over this. XD
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Here I am in the office. It is raining outside. I am bloody soaked. Oh, I had an umbrella. The rain just decided that the second I stepped outside, it should turn into a TORRENT. Not only that, but I got splashed by both a car AND a bus, not to mention once I was inside my bus, it decided to leak RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

Rrrrrrrrrrrr and my hair looked so good this morning. But nooooo, even though this is supposedly an "environmentally conscious" workplace, they didn't think to install AUTOMATIC HAND DRYERS. öalwekhtugöwrj¨PEWOFJäala I feel like a wet cat, ugh. I don't like today. >:(


Jul. 8th, 2008 09:26 pm
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You guys you guys! This is a completely random post but I just feel compelled to post this:

Gaius Baltar (aka James Callis, I should seriously use an actor's *real* name instead of the characters they play) plays TOM, Bridget's gay friend in Bridget Jones' Diary and I only JUST realized this!!! How did I not know this before?! This has completely changed the way I watch those movies now, even though I've seen both so many times. :O


P.S. I blame the above post on watching aforementioned movie dubbed in German as well as my sinus cold. >_>
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New Who makes me pine for BSG. ;__; I mean, the finale was good (Donna noooo!) but....

It was no Revelations. :(

CAN IT BE 2009 YET?!?!? *sob*

So high

Jun. 29th, 2008 03:56 pm
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Yesterday was pretty epic.
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Hi flist,

I was wondering, would any of the 100 or so people that have friended this LJ happen to have some hosting space I could pay for? It's to make (well, move) some game-related forums for a group I play with, and we want to get out of InvisionFuck and get our own domain. It's not a small forum either (something like over 200 members), but I was just curious if anyone around here could help me out. It would be really appreciated! :)

Thank you all!
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I am officially head over heels for the Dutch footie boys. <3

3 - 0 over Italy, the reigning World Champions. Biggest Euro upset *ever*.

The last 2 goals they made were the best 2 goals I have ever seen in the Euro. I am not kidding, and I have seen many goals. These guys were my #2, now they're my #1. I'll be buying their jersey very soon. :D

I want to make sweet, sweet love to van Persie and Sneijder. <3
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Wow, today's race was something...insane.

I don't think anyone really expected BMW Sauber to take the top two spots, but with n00b Hamilton's mistake of ramming Raikkonen in the back when coming out of the pit lane because he didn't see the red light in time (admittedly Rosberg did the same thing but not to such a damaging effect) led to a *real* race without the main figureheads of the year. One could say that the incident is a kind of payback on Kimi for knocking Sutil in Monaco but I'd rather think of it as Hamilton being an idiot. :V Poor Sutil got knocked out of the race and his car caught fire this time, and he was climbing the spots so well. He is just riddled with bad luck, isn't he? Alonso and Piquet got out again too; I was so peeved about Alonso! He was going so good in 3rd and boom. I also thought it was so weird that Naka-bloody-jima of Toyota non-fame held 2nd for a time! Just goes to show how nuts this race was. The 1st place spot became the village bicycle, half the drivers had a go. Ah well, at least Massa got 5th, the only one of my preferred drivers to be in points range. Kovalainen got 8th. Needless to say, I'm still happy that Hamilton and Raikkonen knocked each other out of the race.

But my biggest, biggest irritation comes with the city of Montréal and the province of Québec. Why, you ask? Well, I have quite a few bones to pick with both parties in question but this, this I think has broken the camel's back so to speak. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is in terrible shape, and won't be properly resurfaced until possibly 2009. For heaven's sake, in order to make the track *raceable* for today, they had to do emergency resurfacing on the hairpin! The track was breaking up all through qualifiers, which is abysmal. Yes, I'm aware that the tires and the cars put a lot of stress on the track but ffs, this is why you MONITOR and MAINTAIN the track! For the one event that brings in millions to not only the city of Montréal but to Canada itself, you'd think the Canadian GP bigwigs would care about the state of their track. Pretty much, I'm ashamed. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve != Silverstone.

I know no one on my flist gives a rat's ass about anything I just said, but this is my journal darnit! *shakes fist*
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I just watched the latest ep of Battlestar Galactica, The Hub.

[insert insane fangirling squee here]





I'll calm down in something like 10 hours. XD


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