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Show your support for The Pirate Bay, fly the flag at half mast!

Honestly, when I woke up (really early, at like 9:45am D:) I was just expecting to study for my final in ooooh less than 3 hours but I found this all over my internets in the form of Tweets (it's #spectrial if you want to follow the tag), blog posts and opinion articles. While the larger charge got thrown out due to the prosecution's own stupidity, it's just sad to realize how politicized this has all become. I mean, The Pirate Bay is not doing anything illegal under Swedish law, so they had to resort to American RIAA's "interpretation" of US copyright law to pin these guys with a very loose "infringement" verdict? Hell, if it's taken seriously, they could go after Google and Yahoo! if they so desired. Of course the guys are appealing but that opens up a process that will take years.

And while I know no one in Moscow, I really wish I were there to show my support at The Street Pirate Party at Pushkin Square.
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This week, I have been very disappointed by Ottawa.

Someone tell me, who's been sneaking doses of crazy in everyone's coffee up on the Hill?
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While this is not [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar's requested post of Harper v. Layton in a wrestling match (WHO WOULD PREVAIL??!?!?!?), I find this equally as amusing and possibly disturbing.

Quebec Tory candidate is Opus Dei member

Did you know that Opus Dei has their national headquarters in Montreal? I wonder if they can duke it out with the Church of Scientology here...
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Yes, through the eccentric instruction of [livejournal.com profile] catlein, I have come to the conclusion that Canadian politics is like one big inside joke. Since more than half the laws aren't actually written down and are more an intuitive thing, if you don't know any historical context of Canada then you won't understand their politics one bit. People will refer to propositions that aren't actually listed in the consitution(s), but are more or less followed by most of the provinces. True, this is all insanely confusing for outsiders, but in retrospect it's what makes Canada so awesome.

I saw this written on the wall of a bathroom today and I just had to write it down. It's so...I don't know.

Alarm bells went off
When you said your heart still sang
When you're with me.
Please forgive me;
I don't hear the music anymore.


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