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Show your support for The Pirate Bay, fly the flag at half mast!

Honestly, when I woke up (really early, at like 9:45am D:) I was just expecting to study for my final in ooooh less than 3 hours but I found this all over my internets in the form of Tweets (it's #spectrial if you want to follow the tag), blog posts and opinion articles. While the larger charge got thrown out due to the prosecution's own stupidity, it's just sad to realize how politicized this has all become. I mean, The Pirate Bay is not doing anything illegal under Swedish law, so they had to resort to American RIAA's "interpretation" of US copyright law to pin these guys with a very loose "infringement" verdict? Hell, if it's taken seriously, they could go after Google and Yahoo! if they so desired. Of course the guys are appealing but that opens up a process that will take years.

And while I know no one in Moscow, I really wish I were there to show my support at The Street Pirate Party at Pushkin Square.
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While this is not [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar's requested post of Harper v. Layton in a wrestling match (WHO WOULD PREVAIL??!?!?!?), I find this equally as amusing and possibly disturbing.

Quebec Tory candidate is Opus Dei member

Did you know that Opus Dei has their national headquarters in Montreal? I wonder if they can duke it out with the Church of Scientology here...


Feb. 19th, 2008 07:52 pm
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Just now, I went all out and was bootyshaking in an elevator by myself with T-Pain on my iPod. I am awesome.

I am also cracking from midterms. D:
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So some smartass c*!^licking mother@&*!^% decided it would be fun to copy my debit card # and pin when I was getting my new drivers' license at the SAAQ and steal $500 from my account. Got a friendly call from TD last night letting me know.

TD woman: "Hello, this is [insertname] from TD Canada Trust. I have a couple questions to ask you. Can you verify your address and date of birth please?"
Me: [verifying address and DOB]
TD woman: "Thank you. Did you withdraw $500 from an RBC ATM in Dorval just now?"
Me: "Uhhh...no? I'm sitting in my apartment..."
TD woman: "Okay, I think someone has copied your card. Do you have your card with you?"
Me: "What the....yeah it's right here."
TD woman: "Huh alright, we're going to have to suspend your account and launch an investigation...blahblahblah"

Got a new card an PIN today. Am sad because new card # is going to be way harder to memorize. Will get $500 back from bank in about a week. For now however, have no money and life is suck. Also vow to kill the f*!^#(* c*@^faced whore that did this.
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I just learned something really friggen creepy today.

So a friend of a friend of mine from one of my anthropology classes lives in my apartment building. She's in a spanish class, and her prof (associate prof really, he's a masters student) lives in my building as well on my floor. Well, last week or so I saw some people moving stuff out of #6, but I thought it was really weird because leases in this building end in July/August.

Turns out he DIED IN HIS SLEEP. And it took people 3 WHOLE DAYS TO NOTICE.

Oh my dear gods. That would explain the funny smell that week. :X

But how bloody creepy is that?? 3 WHOLE DAYS!! Just you wait, that'll happen to me and my cat will be feasting off my remains for days until I get discovered. ;__;

Oh dear.

Dec. 10th, 2006 01:56 am
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Alright, so [livejournal.com profile] catlein was evil enough to have everyone read this at the Christmas party tonight and I had many requests to put it up on LJ, so this is to please the crazy insane masses.

Summary: This was written as a parody to Québecois folk tales par kinda-sorta request of [livejournal.com profile] catlein. It turned into a display of how people should NOT write fanfic; a.k.a it portrays almost every single thing about bad fanfic that makes people want to spork their eyes out.

Anaïs and the Vampire: A True Modern Québecois Folk Tale )

And now that you've read that, would you like some bleach?

P.S. For those of you unfamiliar with Québecois culture, you can find a good guide to the man referenced here.


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