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Tea 'healthier' drink than water

This is for all those people that kept telling me to drink more water and less tea because it was "bad for me" or that "water is better for you." I drink my 3-4 cups of tea a day and LOVE IT suckers, far more than I'll ever like water. Water = bleh Tea = <3

*cuddles her box of Super Ceylon Earl Grey tea*
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Warning to the masses: I have signed up for Twitter.

That's right, I have a bloody Twitter because after months of thinking it was stupid and pointless, I needed to check out first-hand what the fuss was about. Also, will potentially be a good source of time-wasting texts (because more is always better).

Feel free to "follow" me or whatever.

P.S. Listening to Metallica's new album thanks to that overeager French fan. It's ace!


Feb. 19th, 2008 07:52 pm
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Just now, I went all out and was bootyshaking in an elevator by myself with T-Pain on my iPod. I am awesome.

I am also cracking from midterms. D:
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This first bulletin off the Jezebel blog today made me squee a lot inside.

Those invited to Marc Jacobs' annual holiday costume party (aka - not us) need to start preparing their costumes now. The theme has finally been announced! "Arabian Nights." We double-dare someone to go as Edward Said. [WWD, 2nd item]

My 3 favourite things in one bullet! Aladdin, Marc Jacobs and Anthropology. <3 The mere fact Marc Jacobs' holiday costume party is that theme just upped his cool points by 50 in my book (and he was already super cool).

(If you don't know, Edward Said is an anthropologist famous for his book 'Orientalism', a critique on the then current ethnographic works done on the Middle East and Asia).

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So I cracked open this detergent my parents brought up in August, Tide with Febreeze.


I have spent the last 25 minutes sniffing my laundry. My clothes have never smelled so divine. Every whiff is like sunshine and flowers and meadows and butterflies all in one! WANT MOAR.
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What is it about new school supplies that's so fun?

I went to the bookstore this afternoon and bought a few things, and OH MAN. I love playing around with them! I guess it's an old habit from childhood that never died, coupled with the excitement of the coming year.

Wheeeeeee! Excuse me while I go off to play with them more. :D


May. 5th, 2007 02:33 am
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This made my entire month, and almost makes up for Org Chem. ALMOST.

That is all. :D


Feb. 9th, 2007 10:13 pm
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So Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday.


Sorry, I still laugh every time I see that sentence. It's just so amusingly ironic. XD Okay, it was kind of shocking considering she was 39. But it was Anna Nicole Smith. Perhaps some higher being(s) planned this and they'll go for Paris Hilton next! Oh, the possibilities.
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Update on my wrist (not like you all didn't already hear from James):

It's just an inflamed tendon and a minor fracture.

The nurse was actually quite impressed by my ribbonsplint (though it was a red scarf today, more sturdy). Though when I told the doctor about when my wrist started hurting, the look on her face was just hilarious. I was telling her about how I kept twisting and shaking my wrist (because I'm thpeshul), she gave me this pure look of, "Oh. My. God. I got another stupid one."

Now I have a proper splint though! It's a cool crimson colored velcro one. It matches my shirt! XD

Bonus to my day: Old lady ran into me on my floor and gave me food! Apparently she got this goody basket from this convention she's attending and she couldn't eat the wheat/dairy products. So now I got oatmeal cookies, CHEESE, crackers, and a huge Caramilk bar. My 'no-food' diet has now been broken. *cheer*
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Today's Questionable Content is my favorite thing ever.

I am very excited today and encounters with me may result in completely random and dirty conversations. Beware!

And where the fuck is James?!