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Canada dropped from F1 Calendar

What was arguably the most exciting race of the F1 season has been dropped from the 2009 race calendar in favour of more 'circuits' (aka yawnfests) because those bring in more $$$$. No matter that the spectators and events in Montréal were amazing and that the races there were known to be a 'wall for champions,' bringing the drama and exciting unexpected outcomes which make for a TRUE race.

One could argue that it could partly be due to the lack of proper maintenance of the track here, and for that I blame Montréal's laziness and Québec's terrible track record for road maintenance...which also applies to circuit tracks. Honestly, in the end I thought the corner of the track breaking up in this past summer's race proved for some serious excitement.

But let's look at what we're getting in exchange. Abu Dhabi?! Yet another street race that's probably going to be a dull processional? There are now three races in the Middle East and only for the reason that they have way more money that the FIA bigwigs want. Now there are NO races in North America (not a single one! What about true F1 fans here huh?!) which is complete bull! There aren't nearly that many F1 fans out in the Middle East, whoever attends those are just rich oil bastards that go just to look cool!

If it's so 'awkward' for drivers to go to North America for "just one race" then using that logic they should drop the Australia and Brazil races too. Bernie Ecclestone, you're ruining the spirit of F1 and tossing aside your most loyal fans for the sake of padding your retirement funds. Take your Singapore, Spa, Valencia, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and shove it up your wrinkled midget ass.
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Here I am in the office. It is raining outside. I am bloody soaked. Oh, I had an umbrella. The rain just decided that the second I stepped outside, it should turn into a TORRENT. Not only that, but I got splashed by both a car AND a bus, not to mention once I was inside my bus, it decided to leak RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

Rrrrrrrrrrrr and my hair looked so good this morning. But nooooo, even though this is supposedly an "environmentally conscious" workplace, they didn't think to install AUTOMATIC HAND DRYERS. öalwekhtugöwrj¨PEWOFJäala I feel like a wet cat, ugh. I don't like today. >:(

Monaco GP

May. 25th, 2008 04:22 pm
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I officially hate Kimi Raikkonen. I hope he gets a flaming case of the herps while he's in Monaco. >:(

EDIT: That being said, Sutil has a new big fan. Me.


Feb. 12th, 2008 08:43 pm
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So tonight for dinner I'm making chili. Not to toot my own horn, but I make pretty good chili. I added a couple extra ingredients as an experiment tonight, and once the chili was stewing it started to smell absolutely delicious. My brain all of a sudden had a brilliant thought, "CORNBREAD." Yes! All this chili needed was cornbread and then it would be perfect! I hadn't had cornbread in a couple years, but after 15 minutes of fighting the craving I braved the cold to get either ready-made cornbread or cornbread mix.

45 minutes and 4 stores later? NO CORNBREAD. WTF. No mix, no nothing! At Provigo, the guy said they *used* to sell the mixes, but stopped. WHY?! WHO DOESN'T LIKE CORNBREAD?!?! I came home with dinner rolls, bloody dinner rolls.

Screw you, Québec. Obviously cornbread was too much to ask to cheer me up a little. >:(
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So some smartass c*!^licking mother@&*!^% decided it would be fun to copy my debit card # and pin when I was getting my new drivers' license at the SAAQ and steal $500 from my account. Got a friendly call from TD last night letting me know.

TD woman: "Hello, this is [insertname] from TD Canada Trust. I have a couple questions to ask you. Can you verify your address and date of birth please?"
Me: [verifying address and DOB]
TD woman: "Thank you. Did you withdraw $500 from an RBC ATM in Dorval just now?"
Me: "Uhhh...no? I'm sitting in my apartment..."
TD woman: "Okay, I think someone has copied your card. Do you have your card with you?"
Me: "What the....yeah it's right here."
TD woman: "Huh alright, we're going to have to suspend your account and launch an investigation...blahblahblah"

Got a new card an PIN today. Am sad because new card # is going to be way harder to memorize. Will get $500 back from bank in about a week. For now however, have no money and life is suck. Also vow to kill the f*!^#(* c*@^faced whore that did this.


Jun. 10th, 2007 07:09 pm
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Oh my dear gods I think I'm going to explode. For reals.

So I get an e-mail from Bell saying my bill is ready. Fine, whatever. Out of sheer curiosity, I checked to see how much it was considering I haven't used my internet in 2 weeks. I look at the amount:



*recheck amount*
*still the same*

I check Bell's site to see my past balances and apparently my last bill wasn't paid. WHAT?! I HAVE AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL. HOW WAS IT NOT PAID?? aouwehr;oaiwej;KLIAHWE;RUIAOSIFUO;l!~!!!11!!1

I have no phone with which to call them and scream, it's a Sunday so I can't go to their store (and their info lines are probably closed anyway), and my friend comes tomorrow afternoon and I won't have time to bitch and scream at them much.

That's it, some small furry animals are going DOWN. RAAAAGE!!!!
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If anyone has tried or is trying to call me, I would like to inform the general populace that my phone decided to kick the bucket. It refuses to charge and now I am sans phone. ;__;

Seriously, whoever has a vendetta for me and my electronics, GAH! I'm going to go insane. Alas, I will be virtually impossible to find (as [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar found out) until about Monday when I get my new laptop.

*explodes and kills everything*
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Dear I.R.Iran players,

Please note the word 'offense' and put it in your vocabulary (don't MAKE me say it in persian). Learn to execute this word in all upcoming world cup matches. Also a special note to Rezaei and Mahdavikia: STOP BEING BALL WHORES UNLESS YOU'RE GONNA DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Note to coach Ivanovic: Don't substitute Karimi, one of your star players, with a complete noob. That plan will never work. And to Ali Daei: I still love you. :D


I'm now off to seriously choke a bitch.

P.S. Logan, you are a sadistic bastard and I'm going to throttle you.


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