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Wow, today's race was something...insane.

I don't think anyone really expected BMW Sauber to take the top two spots, but with n00b Hamilton's mistake of ramming Raikkonen in the back when coming out of the pit lane because he didn't see the red light in time (admittedly Rosberg did the same thing but not to such a damaging effect) led to a *real* race without the main figureheads of the year. One could say that the incident is a kind of payback on Kimi for knocking Sutil in Monaco but I'd rather think of it as Hamilton being an idiot. :V Poor Sutil got knocked out of the race and his car caught fire this time, and he was climbing the spots so well. He is just riddled with bad luck, isn't he? Alonso and Piquet got out again too; I was so peeved about Alonso! He was going so good in 3rd and boom. I also thought it was so weird that Naka-bloody-jima of Toyota non-fame held 2nd for a time! Just goes to show how nuts this race was. The 1st place spot became the village bicycle, half the drivers had a go. Ah well, at least Massa got 5th, the only one of my preferred drivers to be in points range. Kovalainen got 8th. Needless to say, I'm still happy that Hamilton and Raikkonen knocked each other out of the race.

But my biggest, biggest irritation comes with the city of Montréal and the province of Québec. Why, you ask? Well, I have quite a few bones to pick with both parties in question but this, this I think has broken the camel's back so to speak. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is in terrible shape, and won't be properly resurfaced until possibly 2009. For heaven's sake, in order to make the track *raceable* for today, they had to do emergency resurfacing on the hairpin! The track was breaking up all through qualifiers, which is abysmal. Yes, I'm aware that the tires and the cars put a lot of stress on the track but ffs, this is why you MONITOR and MAINTAIN the track! For the one event that brings in millions to not only the city of Montréal but to Canada itself, you'd think the Canadian GP bigwigs would care about the state of their track. Pretty much, I'm ashamed. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve != Silverstone.

I know no one on my flist gives a rat's ass about anything I just said, but this is my journal darnit! *shakes fist*


Feb. 12th, 2008 08:43 pm
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So tonight for dinner I'm making chili. Not to toot my own horn, but I make pretty good chili. I added a couple extra ingredients as an experiment tonight, and once the chili was stewing it started to smell absolutely delicious. My brain all of a sudden had a brilliant thought, "CORNBREAD." Yes! All this chili needed was cornbread and then it would be perfect! I hadn't had cornbread in a couple years, but after 15 minutes of fighting the craving I braved the cold to get either ready-made cornbread or cornbread mix.

45 minutes and 4 stores later? NO CORNBREAD. WTF. No mix, no nothing! At Provigo, the guy said they *used* to sell the mixes, but stopped. WHY?! WHO DOESN'T LIKE CORNBREAD?!?! I came home with dinner rolls, bloody dinner rolls.

Screw you, Québec. Obviously cornbread was too much to ask to cheer me up a little. >:(


Dec. 5th, 2007 01:52 am
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The arrival of 25+cm of fresh powder means...SLEDDING ON MT. ROYAL!!! I and 4 friends went out tonight for some quality sledding enjoyment! The run-down of the night:

- Dinner at John's awesome place.
- At least 2 epic wipeouts.
- Watching John's lanky limbs go flying every time he flew off the sled.
- Watching other people sledding doing the same thing.
- Seeing Jenny and Chelsea land upside down on top of each other in a snowbank.
- Laughing way too much.

Not so Fun:
- Getting stuck in a snowbank that went up to my chest (though much hilarity did ensue...).
- Covered in so much snow that my jeans froze and my gloves got wet and shrank.
* Consequently limbs were wet and frozen (but limbs aren't *really* important right?)
- Falling down 3 marble steps right before heading out.
* My butt is still suffering. D:

Am currently laying on sofa in warm bathrobe and fuzzy fleece blanket. Also contemplating getting cookies as have just finished tea.

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Reason #9873 Why I Love Laptops:

Sitting in the perfect weather in the sun and breeze and surfing the internets at the same time.

Reason #104 Why I Love McGill:

It's gorgeous in the sunlight, making it one of the best places to people-watch.

Reason #7026593 Why I Love Canada:

My tuition is now 1/3rd of what I was paying formally. In return, I actually am getting extra per month for living!

Reason #712 Why Quebec Sucks:

I just paid $2.85 for a flippin bottle of Arizona tea. 14% sales tax, I shake my fist at you!

Dear gods

Jul. 22nd, 2007 01:01 am
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If I don't read Harry Potter in the next week, I just might kill every child in Montréal. Why did my mother pre-order it in the US? Why?? I could've read it by now like everyone else! *wrings hands and avoids teh intarwebs like the plague*

Side note: Am moving next Wednesday. Then again, it's not so much 'moving' really but just going up 1 floor. I has 3 1/2 now! My own separate bedroom yay! V. excited but the bathroom in that apartment leaves much to be desired.
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It's snowing! I was just walking outside and it started lightly falling and it's absolutely gorgeous. When you look at it falling under the streetlights, it's just amazing.

If I knew I wouldn't die of hypothermia, I would dance in the snow all night.
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Oh damn. Shopping for my apartment makes me guilt trip afterwards so much.

I went to Target yesterday and spent $247. o_O Granted, I'm pretty much finished with shopping (all I need are pots for rice and potentially a microwave) but still. No matter how much I may need something, if I spend more than $50 of my parent's money I always guilt trip right after.

Even though I bought so much stuff, I'm also taking a crapload of my parent's old stuff. Holy crap, does an apartment need a lot of stuff! I realized I needed a scrubber for the bathtub and cleaning supplies, toilet paper, even down to my mom complaining that I should really get a spoon rest. Though I'm amused at myself for concentrating all my kitchen supplies to everything I would need to make rice. I have priorities!

Now how am I going to drag all this stuff in a van for the 18-hour trip to Montréal? Magic may or may not be required.
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It's been a while since I've written an entry from Starbucks. And right now is a bad time to pick it up again, considering I have 2 finals in the next 2 days. It's okay though, I'm sure I'll do alright. I'm up to my eyeballs with information about RNA, all it's counterparts, and all sorts of cell functions. It's so much fun!! I love Biology. No, I should be specific. I love molecular biology. Plants and anatomy suck.

Today is such a brilliant day outside! It's around 70 degrees, there's a pleasant breeze, and Starbucks has all its windows open so I'm sitting right next to the sidewalk. I searched for half an hour to find a cafe with empty tables outside, but all the businessmen found today a good day to do their meetings outside as well. Starbucks is just as good though, even if it is in the shade. Right now I"m just giddy and excited because I'm wearing a skirt...and I hardly ever wear a skirt.

I've been extraordinarily moody lately. Since Gabi left, it's been all up and down. Her side of the room is all plain and empty, and it's quite depressing. It's also given me a sleep problem. No, seriously! Ever since she left, I've been reluctant to go to sleep. It's all quite silly really. I should appreciate the newfound privacy after all, I'm an only child! I'm used to having my own space and spending enormous amounts of time by myself. But no, all of a sudden I don't want to sleep alone. Maybe it's because there's an empty bed next to me. Once I get my own room with one bed, the problem will diminish by itself. But for now, it's quite sad.

For anyone who doesn't already know, I'll be in Montréal until early July. I'm taking 2 summer classes which will keep me somewhat occupied. For those also staying in Montréal, you know who you are. We're going to have to do stuff to relieve the sadness that is being alone in a big city during the summer. ;-)

And for all you people back home that I apparently know, I'll see you eventually. Don't get your knickers in a knot, for cripes sake. Now, the problem will be whether or not I want to even do stuff with anyone, because I doubt that I'll be in the mood. I think I'd rather just be by myself at Barnes & Noble for my birthday. BN never fails to cheer me up.
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What do I just adore? Ice skating with Frances and Lisa. Especially when it's at the Old Port at night, with all the pretty lights and right by the river. Even though we aren't the world's best ice skaters, I'd say we had fun. Even though once Lisa twitched and ended up with me sprawled on my back on the ice, it was all good.

The funny thing is, when we were finished Frances and I stated how we were posting about our night in LJ. Yeah, I know.

It was just so pretty! Vieux Montréal is so great at night. They also played awesome techno at the rink and had colorful lights going, it was wicked. Sure it was cold, sure a lot of the little kids could skate better than we could, but that's not the point. Just that I got to be completely ridiculous with two awesome people is always worth it.

Hooray for great people, and hooray for Montréal.
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Finally arrived back from London yesterday afternoon. What a day that was! I was so disoriented for a while, because I couldn't believe that just that morning, I was half drunk with my aunt at Trafalgar Square. Yeah, my aunt and I know how to party like it's 2006. Mmhmm.

A ton of McGill students were on my flight. Of all places to meet people you know, I never would've expected London Heathrow Terminal 3 to be the place. I ran into Nick Christofi and Ali!! Both were on transfer flights (from Cyprus and Saudi, respectively) and it was amazing. We ended up travelling back together and had an interesting time with all our bags on the bus and Metro. I love chance meetings!

For the first time in my entire life, I was homesick. For Montréal, of course. Most of the time in the UK, I just wanted to be back but I knew no one was there. This doesn't mean I didn't have fun while I was there, but still. Wouldn't you rather be somewhere else than sleeping on a sofabed with your mother?

Have now fully unpacked and am dining on Ribena and Kinder eggs. I have too much crap. And how did I end up with over $10 in change?!

I have also learned to dislike Bank Holidays. There are always Bank Holidays on the days I actually need the bank.

Now time to dig up some dinner! And something to look forward to: coffee with Kurt.


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