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So my mom is flying in to Montréal around midnight tonight from Memphis, TN! She e-mailed me last week saying how she was going to be in the airport and why doesn't she just take a flight to me instead of flying home? Sure enough, she's coming up and renting a car so we can go shopping at IKEA (yay!!) and hang out.

However, I failed to notice that I have 2 papers to write while she's here. D: Though one got pushed back to the 5th of December (at the same time as a final so I have to turn it in the day before), it's still a bit of a terrible oversight on my part. <_< Before she comes, I need to clean my entire apartment and do as much laundry as I possibly can. Oh dear.
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High point of my day? A guy came up to me while I was sitting outside the Cyberthèque in Redpath Library this afternoon and said how awesome my Roslin/Adama '08 sticker on my laptop was. :D BSG fans = best.

Speaking of BSG, SEASON 4.5 NEEDS TO START RIGHT NOW. I'm done with waiting. ;_;

That being said, I need to get back to writing up a succinct history of Somalia and Ethiopia. Somali pirates flinging dead babies, here I come. Man I can't wait for McMUN!


Feb. 19th, 2008 07:52 pm
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Just now, I went all out and was bootyshaking in an elevator by myself with T-Pain on my iPod. I am awesome.

I am also cracking from midterms. D:


Nov. 15th, 2007 03:33 pm
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SSUNS starts tonight! Well, tonight is the Opening Ceremonies. To explain, SSUNS = Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium. McGill hosts this every year for HS students all over the US and Canada to come for a weekend and participate. 1500 high schoolers can be a pain, but it's going to be *wicked* fun. Especially since I'm a UNSC (UN Security Council) crisis staffer and my job is to mess with their heads. >:D

I am so hyper for this, it's unbelievable. The next 3 days will be 100% SSUNS, long hours and all, but it will be awesome. I need something like this to help me lighten up. :D
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What is it about new school supplies that's so fun?

I went to the bookstore this afternoon and bought a few things, and OH MAN. I love playing around with them! I guess it's an old habit from childhood that never died, coupled with the excitement of the coming year.

Wheeeeeee! Excuse me while I go off to play with them more. :D


May. 31st, 2007 12:04 pm
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IT'S OVER! IT'S FINALLY OVER!! [insert insane laughter here]

I feel so free, like I could FLYYYYYY! *keels over exhausted*

I think a few rounds of shots will be in order tonight. If I see another cyclohexane(-ene)(-yl)(and sometimes -ol, or even -en-ol!) or aromatic compound or really ANY chemical reaction or formula, I just might spaz out and die. x___x
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May phase 1 of Code: Freak Out terror alert commence.


Things needed to reduce terror alert:
1. More hours in a day.
2. Caffeine.
3. People to aid in self-restraint.
4. Sleep. Stay awake 24/7.
5. Food.
6. Little elves to do my work for me.
7. McGill to be set on fire and/or professors all spontaneously drop dead.
8. Good excuse to get project extensions.
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School = death.

No internet at apartment = really depressing.

Arts student in Schulich = scandalous! (zomg)

Weather = the suck.

No new House this week = OMFGWHYYY FOX??

No time to eat proper meals = really, really depressing (for my stomach).

Thank the gods this weekend is a 3-day weekend! <3
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Update on my wrist (not like you all didn't already hear from James):

It's just an inflamed tendon and a minor fracture.

The nurse was actually quite impressed by my ribbonsplint (though it was a red scarf today, more sturdy). Though when I told the doctor about when my wrist started hurting, the look on her face was just hilarious. I was telling her about how I kept twisting and shaking my wrist (because I'm thpeshul), she gave me this pure look of, "Oh. My. God. I got another stupid one."

Now I have a proper splint though! It's a cool crimson colored velcro one. It matches my shirt! XD

Bonus to my day: Old lady ran into me on my floor and gave me food! Apparently she got this goody basket from this convention she's attending and she couldn't eat the wheat/dairy products. So now I got oatmeal cookies, CHEESE, crackers, and a huge Caramilk bar. My 'no-food' diet has now been broken. *cheer*


May. 18th, 2006 07:43 pm
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So midterm was this morning, and luckily it wasn't horribly bad. After about 3.5 hours of studying once I managed to borrow Susharth's laptop (he is teh awesome) after much drama (no computer on campus was able to read the DVD's that the remnants of my HD were on), I sat the exam in the morning feeling slightly relieved that I at least got to look over some notes. The exam was only 30 multiple-choice questions and the prof gave us 1.5 hours to do it.

It only took me 45 minutes to finish, and went straight to the Shatner lounge to read, nap, or similar. Unfortunately, realized that I spent over 4 hours there once I woke up drowsily from passing out on a couch. Usually don't like passing out in public, but I suppose my eyes refused to stay open and tricked me into napping.

Happy news though: called the company that repaired my laptop in March and they said the repair has a 90-day warranty and will happily repair it again! Only this time I don't get a box to send it in. I have the box from last time, but I'll need to find somewhere to put my winter boots until I get my laptop back.

Now I have 4 days to relax and do absolutely nothing! Hurrah! Ooh, should call cousin and wheedle a good Persian dinner out of her. Train fare is worth it if good food is at the end!
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It's been a while since I've written an entry from Starbucks. And right now is a bad time to pick it up again, considering I have 2 finals in the next 2 days. It's okay though, I'm sure I'll do alright. I'm up to my eyeballs with information about RNA, all it's counterparts, and all sorts of cell functions. It's so much fun!! I love Biology. No, I should be specific. I love molecular biology. Plants and anatomy suck.

Today is such a brilliant day outside! It's around 70 degrees, there's a pleasant breeze, and Starbucks has all its windows open so I'm sitting right next to the sidewalk. I searched for half an hour to find a cafe with empty tables outside, but all the businessmen found today a good day to do their meetings outside as well. Starbucks is just as good though, even if it is in the shade. Right now I"m just giddy and excited because I'm wearing a skirt...and I hardly ever wear a skirt.

I've been extraordinarily moody lately. Since Gabi left, it's been all up and down. Her side of the room is all plain and empty, and it's quite depressing. It's also given me a sleep problem. No, seriously! Ever since she left, I've been reluctant to go to sleep. It's all quite silly really. I should appreciate the newfound privacy after all, I'm an only child! I'm used to having my own space and spending enormous amounts of time by myself. But no, all of a sudden I don't want to sleep alone. Maybe it's because there's an empty bed next to me. Once I get my own room with one bed, the problem will diminish by itself. But for now, it's quite sad.

For anyone who doesn't already know, I'll be in Montréal until early July. I'm taking 2 summer classes which will keep me somewhat occupied. For those also staying in Montréal, you know who you are. We're going to have to do stuff to relieve the sadness that is being alone in a big city during the summer. ;-)

And for all you people back home that I apparently know, I'll see you eventually. Don't get your knickers in a knot, for cripes sake. Now, the problem will be whether or not I want to even do stuff with anyone, because I doubt that I'll be in the mood. I think I'd rather just be by myself at Barnes & Noble for my birthday. BN never fails to cheer me up.
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Oh man, I have an Anth midterm in 2.5 hours and I'm kinda nervous. Mostly because this is my first non-multiple choice test here at uni. I've had tests with combinations of fill-in-the-blank and mc, but not one that's essentially all fill-in-the-blank. Half of me wants to keep studying, then another half of me figures otherwise. I mean, I've read all the chapters we were supposed to (as we were doing them in lecture, not at the last minute like some people :P), been to every lecture, I like the class (trust me, this is key), so I should do relatively well. Blargle, nervousness kills!

When this test is over, I'm going to dance. Because my break begins! Essentially anyway. I don't care, there are fireworks tomorrow night down at Old Port and I'm excited!

I've been reminiscing a lot lately, I don't like it. It sounds silly, but I don't like to reminisce too much. I mean, that fuzzy feeling you get sometimes when you think of a random past event annoys me sometimes. Probably because I'm a person that loves to live in the NOW, looking back is irritating. It's probably the largest reason of why I just don't want to go home. It's all full of old people and old scenery and it's just dull and boring. Yeah, sure, some good memories, but that's done and finished. Why keep shooting at the dead corpse?

*snort* That last sentence made me think about the ingestible nuclear weapons and implanting nukes into joints and remotely setting them off. :D I love conversations like that.
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Promise me you'll always stay.

I can't concentrate on studying. It's driving me mad! I have to do well on my anthro midterm. I just can't focus. For some stupid reason, all these little things have been getting me down recently. The weather, the book I'm reading, the amount of money in my bank account, and life. I keep thinking that I don't have that much to be sad about these days, so what the hell? Sometimes I annoy myself.

I've been shivering all day, but I know it's not cold in the building. It's more like the shivering cold from the inside.

I'm just torn in two. It really, really hurts.



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