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Finally arrived back from London yesterday afternoon. What a day that was! I was so disoriented for a while, because I couldn't believe that just that morning, I was half drunk with my aunt at Trafalgar Square. Yeah, my aunt and I know how to party like it's 2006. Mmhmm.

A ton of McGill students were on my flight. Of all places to meet people you know, I never would've expected London Heathrow Terminal 3 to be the place. I ran into Nick Christofi and Ali!! Both were on transfer flights (from Cyprus and Saudi, respectively) and it was amazing. We ended up travelling back together and had an interesting time with all our bags on the bus and Metro. I love chance meetings!

For the first time in my entire life, I was homesick. For Montréal, of course. Most of the time in the UK, I just wanted to be back but I knew no one was there. This doesn't mean I didn't have fun while I was there, but still. Wouldn't you rather be somewhere else than sleeping on a sofabed with your mother?

Have now fully unpacked and am dining on Ribena and Kinder eggs. I have too much crap. And how did I end up with over $10 in change?!

I have also learned to dislike Bank Holidays. There are always Bank Holidays on the days I actually need the bank.

Now time to dig up some dinner! And something to look forward to: coffee with Kurt.


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