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Show your support for The Pirate Bay, fly the flag at half mast!

Honestly, when I woke up (really early, at like 9:45am D:) I was just expecting to study for my final in ooooh less than 3 hours but I found this all over my internets in the form of Tweets (it's #spectrial if you want to follow the tag), blog posts and opinion articles. While the larger charge got thrown out due to the prosecution's own stupidity, it's just sad to realize how politicized this has all become. I mean, The Pirate Bay is not doing anything illegal under Swedish law, so they had to resort to American RIAA's "interpretation" of US copyright law to pin these guys with a very loose "infringement" verdict? Hell, if it's taken seriously, they could go after Google and Yahoo! if they so desired. Of course the guys are appealing but that opens up a process that will take years.

And while I know no one in Moscow, I really wish I were there to show my support at The Street Pirate Party at Pushkin Square.
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Warning to the masses: I have signed up for Twitter.

That's right, I have a bloody Twitter because after months of thinking it was stupid and pointless, I needed to check out first-hand what the fuss was about. Also, will potentially be a good source of time-wasting texts (because more is always better).

Feel free to "follow" me or whatever.

P.S. Listening to Metallica's new album thanks to that overeager French fan. It's ace!
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This thread on the SomethingAwful forums has managed to rekindle the love and adoration I have for the people of the intarwebs.

For the past 5 hours I've been giggling endlessly over this. XD
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Hi flist,

I was wondering, would any of the 100 or so people that have friended this LJ happen to have some hosting space I could pay for? It's to make (well, move) some game-related forums for a group I play with, and we want to get out of InvisionFuck and get our own domain. It's not a small forum either (something like over 200 members), but I was just curious if anyone around here could help me out. It would be really appreciated! :)

Thank you all!
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Chris Leavins is my new god. This man is a bundle of everything amazing in this world. Which is amplified by the fact that he's Canadian.

I ask you all to see his awesomeness! www.cutewithchris.com

I can't even pick a favourite episode. They're all just so good! If you want a hilarious introduction to cutewithchris, watch this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=4i6CSoct4lE

He is also the proud maker of the only podcast I have subscribed to.

P.S. It's not a good idea to watch his stuff in public areas. Loud laughs tend to get lots of funny looks.


May. 10th, 2006 11:29 pm
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I'm in the study lounge.
You know why?


Yes siree, at 5:35-ish this afternoon they finally cut the LAN I was using for the past 10 days. And all at once 3 of us came out of our rooms into the hallways to lament our loss. It sounded much like the wailing of 50 banshees, so deep was our sorrow.

Looks like I better save up more coffee money. I'll be hanging out at Starbucks/Second Cup more often than I anticipated.

(And I was 30% through downloading Indiana Jones too!)
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Everyone, read this: http://www.tpmcafe.com/node/29086

Because by next Wednesday, the Internet in the US will be turned over to all the bigshot telecom companies. I seriously can't believe that legislators are actually in FAVOR of this! No longer will we have one happy, unified Internet. It's metamorphosing into multiple internets, all of which will probably be 'censored' and crap. You can only read what they want you to read, see only what they want you to see, etc. Scary thought, isn't it? It really sounds like one of those scary sci-fi short stories I read a few years ago. And of course, more fees for stupid little things so the companies can get more profit. This is all just fucking ridiculous! Soon the Internet will turn into a concept like separate news channels...and you'll have to pay if you want the whole package.

The biggest problem I have with this? The fact that no one even KNOWS about this, or that almost no one is reporting it! But why? This is so huge, but it's just flitting by completely unnoticed. So, if any of you out there actually do care, go here: http://www.civic.moveon.org/save_the_internet/ You know I don't usually post petitions in my blog, but this is serious shit. This problem needs to be addressed now.


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