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New Who makes me pine for BSG. ;__; I mean, the finale was good (Donna noooo!) but....

It was no Revelations. :(

CAN IT BE 2009 YET?!?!? *sob*
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No one's calling for me at the door.
and unpredictable won't bother anymore.
and silently gets harder to ignore.
look straight ahead, there's nothing left to see.
what's done is done, this life has got it's hold on me.
just let it go, what now can never be.

I hate not knowing what to do with myself. There are things I should do, things I want to do, but I lack initiative to do any of it. Ew.

I think I'm just going to lie on the floor and wait for something to come to me. Like the box to ship Minto to Sony, which won't come until Monday anyway.

12 days.
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Oh man, I have an Anth midterm in 2.5 hours and I'm kinda nervous. Mostly because this is my first non-multiple choice test here at uni. I've had tests with combinations of fill-in-the-blank and mc, but not one that's essentially all fill-in-the-blank. Half of me wants to keep studying, then another half of me figures otherwise. I mean, I've read all the chapters we were supposed to (as we were doing them in lecture, not at the last minute like some people :P), been to every lecture, I like the class (trust me, this is key), so I should do relatively well. Blargle, nervousness kills!

When this test is over, I'm going to dance. Because my break begins! Essentially anyway. I don't care, there are fireworks tomorrow night down at Old Port and I'm excited!

I've been reminiscing a lot lately, I don't like it. It sounds silly, but I don't like to reminisce too much. I mean, that fuzzy feeling you get sometimes when you think of a random past event annoys me sometimes. Probably because I'm a person that loves to live in the NOW, looking back is irritating. It's probably the largest reason of why I just don't want to go home. It's all full of old people and old scenery and it's just dull and boring. Yeah, sure, some good memories, but that's done and finished. Why keep shooting at the dead corpse?

*snort* That last sentence made me think about the ingestible nuclear weapons and implanting nukes into joints and remotely setting them off. :D I love conversations like that.


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