Monaco GP

May. 25th, 2008 04:22 pm
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I officially hate Kimi Raikkonen. I hope he gets a flaming case of the herps while he's in Monaco. >:(

EDIT: That being said, Sutil has a new big fan. Me.
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Meme post because I <3 coffee and my brain is dribble. Also wish I could drink coffee right now, but can't as I take milk with my coffee and milk is bad for my poor sick throat. *sob*

[EDIT]: Meme is surprisingly accurate, if only for when I'm not sick and grumpy. :P
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Eid-eh shomah mobarak!

Hope Haji Firouz sends happiness your way!


Feb. 19th, 2008 07:52 pm
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Just now, I went all out and was bootyshaking in an elevator by myself with T-Pain on my iPod. I am awesome.

I am also cracking from midterms. D:
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This is my gift of love to you all. :P


Feb. 12th, 2008 08:43 pm
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So tonight for dinner I'm making chili. Not to toot my own horn, but I make pretty good chili. I added a couple extra ingredients as an experiment tonight, and once the chili was stewing it started to smell absolutely delicious. My brain all of a sudden had a brilliant thought, "CORNBREAD." Yes! All this chili needed was cornbread and then it would be perfect! I hadn't had cornbread in a couple years, but after 15 minutes of fighting the craving I braved the cold to get either ready-made cornbread or cornbread mix.

45 minutes and 4 stores later? NO CORNBREAD. WTF. No mix, no nothing! At Provigo, the guy said they *used* to sell the mixes, but stopped. WHY?! WHO DOESN'T LIKE CORNBREAD?!?! I came home with dinner rolls, bloody dinner rolls.

Screw you, Québec. Obviously cornbread was too much to ask to cheer me up a little. >:(
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Stomach flu sucks. D: What a way to kick off the new year, eh?

*pukes everywhere*


Dec. 5th, 2007 01:52 am
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The arrival of 25+cm of fresh powder means...SLEDDING ON MT. ROYAL!!! I and 4 friends went out tonight for some quality sledding enjoyment! The run-down of the night:

- Dinner at John's awesome place.
- At least 2 epic wipeouts.
- Watching John's lanky limbs go flying every time he flew off the sled.
- Watching other people sledding doing the same thing.
- Seeing Jenny and Chelsea land upside down on top of each other in a snowbank.
- Laughing way too much.

Not so Fun:
- Getting stuck in a snowbank that went up to my chest (though much hilarity did ensue...).
- Covered in so much snow that my jeans froze and my gloves got wet and shrank.
* Consequently limbs were wet and frozen (but limbs aren't *really* important right?)
- Falling down 3 marble steps right before heading out.
* My butt is still suffering. D:

Am currently laying on sofa in warm bathrobe and fuzzy fleece blanket. Also contemplating getting cookies as have just finished tea.



Nov. 30th, 2007 05:47 pm
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*dances around insanely and is covered in snow*

*also has a belly full of scotch*

*the really good kind*

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So some smartass c*!^licking mother@&*!^% decided it would be fun to copy my debit card # and pin when I was getting my new drivers' license at the SAAQ and steal $500 from my account. Got a friendly call from TD last night letting me know.

TD woman: "Hello, this is [insertname] from TD Canada Trust. I have a couple questions to ask you. Can you verify your address and date of birth please?"
Me: [verifying address and DOB]
TD woman: "Thank you. Did you withdraw $500 from an RBC ATM in Dorval just now?"
Me: " I'm sitting in my apartment..."
TD woman: "Okay, I think someone has copied your card. Do you have your card with you?"
Me: "What the....yeah it's right here."
TD woman: "Huh alright, we're going to have to suspend your account and launch an investigation...blahblahblah"

Got a new card an PIN today. Am sad because new card # is going to be way harder to memorize. Will get $500 back from bank in about a week. For now however, have no money and life is suck. Also vow to kill the f*!^#(* c*@^faced whore that did this.
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This can't be true, please someone tell me this isn't true.

"The regular, 20-episode fourth season is rumored to be split into two halves — the first 10 episodes airing beginning in February 2008, and the second 10 installments possibly airing as late as 2009. However, it now appears that the first half of season 4 will not be airing until April 2008."


Everything in life is dead. So emo. Nothing to live for. x__x
*sobs bitterly*


Nov. 15th, 2007 03:33 pm
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SSUNS starts tonight! Well, tonight is the Opening Ceremonies. To explain, SSUNS = Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium. McGill hosts this every year for HS students all over the US and Canada to come for a weekend and participate. 1500 high schoolers can be a pain, but it's going to be *wicked* fun. Especially since I'm a UNSC (UN Security Council) crisis staffer and my job is to mess with their heads. >:D

I am so hyper for this, it's unbelievable. The next 3 days will be 100% SSUNS, long hours and all, but it will be awesome. I need something like this to help me lighten up. :D
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XDDDDDDDD I haven't laughed this hard in a while!
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This first bulletin off the Jezebel blog today made me squee a lot inside.

Those invited to Marc Jacobs' annual holiday costume party (aka - not us) need to start preparing their costumes now. The theme has finally been announced! "Arabian Nights." We double-dare someone to go as Edward Said. [WWD, 2nd item]

My 3 favourite things in one bullet! Aladdin, Marc Jacobs and Anthropology. <3 The mere fact Marc Jacobs' holiday costume party is that theme just upped his cool points by 50 in my book (and he was already super cool).

(If you don't know, Edward Said is an anthropologist famous for his book 'Orientalism', a critique on the then current ethnographic works done on the Middle East and Asia).

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So I cracked open this detergent my parents brought up in August, Tide with Febreeze.


I have spent the last 25 minutes sniffing my laundry. My clothes have never smelled so divine. Every whiff is like sunshine and flowers and meadows and butterflies all in one! WANT MOAR.
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I love sports. I love them even more when 'world cup' events happen and you get the thousands upon thousands of fans pouring in and showing their support. I've been following the Rugby World Cup and saw BBC's photostream on Flickr when I saw this that brought a tear to my eye:


More pictures describing why the Rugby World Cup is amazing behind the cut.
RWC 2008: France )

Displays of nationalism like this bring a happy tear to my eye. Mostly because without nationalism, we'd be more on the track of Marx's utopian future and that would kind of creep me out (mostly because Marx's process to GET there was very unpleasant). So yay fans! And yay Canadians!
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Chris Leavins is my new god. This man is a bundle of everything amazing in this world. Which is amplified by the fact that he's Canadian.

I ask you all to see his awesomeness!

I can't even pick a favourite episode. They're all just so good! If you want a hilarious introduction to cutewithchris, watch this:

He is also the proud maker of the only podcast I have subscribed to.

P.S. It's not a good idea to watch his stuff in public areas. Loud laughs tend to get lots of funny looks.

Holy shit

Sep. 11th, 2007 04:08 pm
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Who the hell else could be experimenting with a new procedure to cure cancer AND find a new alternative fuel source at the same time?!

I am sincerely amazed.


Sep. 1st, 2007 02:05 am
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So guess what guys?

[ profile] goldy_dollar totally got me a paid LiveJournal!!! Not to mention 100 EXTRA ICONS! *dances around with joy* It is absolutely amazing! SO MANY ICONS ZOMG. And all the fun stuff I can do! I feel so free! And giddy! I think I'm losing oxygen! Wheeeeeeee!!

One thing I've determined with this new paid LJ experience: NEED MOAR BSG ICONZ. *is an addict*

p.s. I may or may not have given [ profile] goldy_dollar some money beforehand for purchasing said paid LJ. >_>
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What is it about new school supplies that's so fun?

I went to the bookstore this afternoon and bought a few things, and OH MAN. I love playing around with them! I guess it's an old habit from childhood that never died, coupled with the excitement of the coming year.

Wheeeeeee! Excuse me while I go off to play with them more. :D


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